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No matter what your damage restoration needs may be, StructureMEDIC has you covered. At StructureMEDIC we are a full-service restoration team, which means that whether your needs are related to water damage, fire and smoke damage, mold detection and remediation, carpet and upholstery cleaning or roof repair, we can help. We are Georgia’s most experienced restoration team, and we know the value of bringing fast, friendly service to the members of our community.

When you choose StructureMEDIC for all your restoration needs, you are getting the benefit of our experience, as well as excellent training from the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC)—the industry’s leader in restoration education. At StructureMEDIC we tackle the toughest problems in the industry, including:

Water Extraction and Dehumidification

When water floods in unexpectedly it can introduce a number of problems including contamination, unexpectedly slick surfaces, and electrical hazards. In the event of a flood, water from outside sources can bring all sorts of hazardous materials into your home or business like bacteria, chemicals from nearby gardens and roadways, and even human waste, into your home. StructureMEDIC utilizes state of the art equipment to ensure a quick water extraction and thorough drying-out of your property. If water is not quickly removed, it can soak into everything, causing wood to swell, laminates to curl, and drywall and plaster to bubble—and that’s before the mold even moves in. Improperly handled water damage can cause areas of extreme humidity in places that are extremely hard to reach such as between the walls or underneath the floorboards. It can saturate the padding of your carpet, the inside of your furniture, and even the insulation. When this happens mold is practically inevitable.

Flood Damage Cleanup

We have fully equipped emergency response vehicles that can be dispatched at a moment’s notice, each one wholly stocked with professional dehumidification units, extractors, fans, and all the safety equipment necessary to get the job done right. StructureMEDIC also provides emergency water removal service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year—so you know that when you need help, StructureMEDIC will be there for you. If you need the largest and most experienced team of experts in your area, look no further! Call (404) 556-8278 today, and find out what a difference experience can make.

Mold Removal and Remediation

Any time there is excess moisture in a building—especially if that moisture goes unnoticed and untreated for any length of time—you are facing a risk of mold infestation. Mold can form as a result of the introduction of water due to flooding, improperly calibrated HVAC system settings, or the aftermath of a fire where water has been used to extinguish the flames. Even a slow leak in the plumbing can provide the right conditions for mold. Mold is also detectable by its musty smell, which can get into hair and clothing, clinging to you even when you leave the mold-infested environment. Although mold colonies are easily visible, mold spores are so tiny that they cannot be seen by the naked eye. These spores are present all around us, all the time, and seldom present a problem, even when they are breathed in. Problems arise when mold grows in an enclosed environment—like a building that has been “sealed” to prevent the escape of climate-controlled air. Mold spores can affect the air quality, and in some cases can be toxic or even fatal.

Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration

In most situations involving smoke and fire damage, the aftercare can be just as—if not more—important than the initial response to the fire. There are many types of latent damage that can occur following a fire though smoke damage is definitely one of the most pervasive, a close second is the damage caused by improperly removed water. Once the water problem has been dealt with, there is still the issue of the acidic residue that is caused by combustive chemicals being released into the air. This residue can travel through the air, through the heating and air conditioning vents, and contaminate rooms that are nowhere near the site of the actual fire. Not only does the smoky odor get into everything, but the residue itself can be extremely damaging to all sorts of surfaces. We possess the specially-formulated cleaning agents that are necessary to safely remove the residue from your possessions before it has a chance to settle in and really cause damage—but the key to salvaging and restoring your valuable belongings lies in quickly dealing with all aspects of the damage.

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

There are so many factors that can affect the appearance of your carpeting and upholstery: the quality of the vacuuming equipment, how regularly the filter bag is changed out, humidity in the closed environment, the settings of heating and air conditioning systems, and even the presence or lack of a doormat can all contribute to the upkeep, or wear, of your carpet. Without regular cleaning, at least once a year, by a certified carpet cleaning professional your carpet fibers will begin to look soiled and dull. A professional cleaning and restoration of your carpeting can extend its lifetime by years, allowing you to enjoy your carpeting investment for a long time to come.

Deodorization Services

Whether your carpeting and upholstery are affected by smoke or water damage—or just the buildup of pet or other odors over time—StructureMEDIC can help. Our company provides state of the art equipment, specially formulated cleaning agents, and the experience to know when and how to apply them. Whatever your deodorization needs, StructureMEDIC can provide a solution—fast!

Roofing Repair

There are varying degrees of roof damage, but StructureMEDIC can handle them all. If you require an entire roof replacement, we can put on a new roof with a turnaround of only a day or two. If your roof is only slightly damaged or experiencing a problem like an isolated leak, StructureMEDIC will send out a member of our restoration team to evaluate the problem and give you a free estimate. At StructureMEDIC we pride ourselves on fast, friendly service—guaranteed!

Burst Pipe and Plumbing Repair

At StructureMEDIC we prefer to lead by example—by getting the job done right the first time by resolving the source of the problem. To that end, our staff includes a full-time plumbing expert to help with the identification and repair of plumbing-specific issues.

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“Thank you StructureMEDIC for your amazing service! When our hot water tank went out, they arrived quickly after our call to them. They stayed into the wee hours of the morning trying to get all of the water and ruined carpet out of our basement/media room. They made repeated visits until all of the moisture was out of our basement. They worked with our insurance and it was a very easy process. VERY VERY PLEASED!”

Nikki H